Brain Candy Issue One

Posted on September 19, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Have you ever wondered if there were ideas in our world that nobody has ever even thought about? Such questions, those mind blowing “what ifs”, are called Brain Candy. They are thoughts that cause you to wonder, and there may be no obvious way to find an answer. This month’s brain candy is about what we and other things can and cannot see. I am sure that most of you know about the rumors that cats and dogs can see only in black in white, or that they can only see pastels. All of these color theories are just that, theories, because such information cannot yet be proven. However, assuming that they are true, I want you to think of something. Have you ever been in a situation where a dog or a cat stares at the ceiling or wall, but when you look there is nothing there? If humans can supposedly see things that our pets cannot, is it possible they can see things that we cannot?

Also, along the lines of seeing colors, are we all seeing the same ones? If you think about it, as little babies we were shown a picture or object and told that it is a certain color. As we grew up, we came to truly believe we could identify those colors. What if we all see different colors? For instance, what if your eyes identify something as red, but mine might see the same object as what you would call green however we both believe it is red. In other words, our eyes might see color differently than other people’s eyes. I am not talking about the color-blind, I am talking about everyone.

If you could literally look through the world through someone else’s eyes, would it really look the same? After all, we all have different eyes, brains, and sensory nerves. Just in case this is still confusing, here is another way to put it: two babies are shown two different types of fruit. The first baby is shown a bright red apple. The second baby is shown a yellow pear. The mother tells the first one all his life that the apple is green, and tells the second one that his pear is blue, so they grow up believing this, and their idea of green and blue is different from each other because it was just a name put to a color they saw.


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