Brain Candy for issue 2

Posted on March 30, 2015 at 7:55 PM


Music is a topic that almost everyone can relate to. Whether you prefer rap, or rock, or even symphony, Most people have a favorite genre. If you have ever seen the movie August Rush, then you already have an idea of what I am talking about (music is all around us, all the time). If you do not believe me, just stop and listen. It may be difficult to hear at first, as it is an entirely new genre, but I enjoy calling it the “music of the universe”, because it is everywhere, all the time. Some of you may be thinking: people talking, cars honking, and footsteps do not qualify as music, new genre or not. However, when rap first came out, people that were used to rock did not really understand that rap is a musical genre. With “music of the universe” the melody is even more hidden, but if you listen closely and open yourself up to it, you will hear it. Do not expect familiar music, or you will not hear what is truly there. Close your eyes and try it right now. If you listen to the “babbling voices” as a whole, instead of trying to follow one conversation, it will turn into one sound, like one instrument, or instrument section. Then, all of the different “sections” add up to one symphony. Kids tap their pencil to the beat. The volume of the area around you raises and lowers with fortes and pianos (if you do not know music “lingo,” forté is when the music gets louder, and piano makes it softer). One instrument or section, the mush of voices for example, the whoosh of cars passing by, whatever is making a sound, may get louder or more dominant than the others or vice versa. Musical sounds are endless: wrappers crinkle in the breeze, rocks get kicked off the sidewalk, drawers squeak open and closed, and doors slam. It takes some practice, but after you get used to listening, it only takes slight concentration to hear the “music” that surrounds us. “Music of the universe” changes from place to place. In the city the musical sounds are likely more chaotic than in a quiet neighborhood, and in both locations the sounds will be more chaotic than in the woods or mountains. It is especially easy to hear “music” during tests, when the class is silently working. You can hear the sound of pencils writing, tapping, scribbling, and even erasing on paper. Remember, all music is the product of someone’s imagination. Once in an interview, Beethoven said that before he went completely deaf, he would walk through the woods and get his inspiration from the sounds of nature. He knew how to hear the music, and he used it in his famous symphonies. Dogs and birds and wolves constantly sing along to the sounds of the world. Humans respond to it, without realizing that we are hearing it. For instance, we walk at a certain pace, to a certain beat, we tap our pencils when we work, and/or we may hum or whistle a musical riff as we go about our lives. Open your mind, and hear the music, you may discover a new genre that you enjoy.


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