Brain Candy Issue 3

Posted on March 30, 2015 at 8:00 PM

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what in the world were they thinking about? I am sure that whatever they had on their mind they thought was perfectly justified, even if you would have thought it was the strangest or least acceptable thing ever. Everyone is living in their own little universe. We all perceive and see things differently, so we may as well live in completely different realities. For instance, you may think something is totally okay, beautiful even, but others may think it is the greatest horror on earth. It is simply a difference in opinion. One reality may be of joy and peace while the other is of horror and fear. Two completely different realities, right? A more specific example would be living in a big city. Some may think it is chaotic and scary, but others may think it is a wonderful place full of excitement and joy. We live in our own different universes. Take a log cabin in the woods, some might find it peaceful and safe, but some else might think it is isolated, boring, and dangerous. The cabin is either a peaceful getaway or an unpleasant subjection.

When I say different universes or different realities, I simply mean the way we perceive things. Obviously we are in the same physical universe, but the hypothetical universe (that is our perception of the world) causes us to experience life differently from one another. Some people live in a place of joy, happiness, and peace. Others live in a universe fraught with peril lurking around every corner.

Can we choose which reality we live in, or are our minds hard-wired to our current perceptions? Many believe we can choose. We can always choose how to think and feel. Find the joy in life, instead of the darkness, and your personal reality will change accordingly, I promise.


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