Brain Candy Issue 4

Posted on March 30, 2015 at 9:20 PM

The human brain is the control center of the entire body. All of your nerves tap into it at one point or another giving it messages and information. Your brain then processes and responds to all these messages, almost instantaneously, without having to think about it. For instance, if you see yellow wallpaper, you instantly know it is yellow without thinking about it. If you feel something soft, you instantly know it is soft. If you hear a familiar voice, you most often automatically know who it is. Getting information from the nerves in the body so you “just know” is the power of the brain.

If our brains are that powerful, is there a way for us to take it to a different level? Think about it, our body is made up of cells. Our brain, subconsciously, controls all of those cells. Our brain makes our hearts pump, our injuries heal, and much more. That is all involuntary; we do not have to think about it. But just like breathing or blinking our eyes, could it be possible for us to take control of those automatic functions when we think about them?

When you practice holistic healing (which is a way of treating the body as a whole, instead of just treating symptoms) you learn that your body does amazing things in attempt to heal and protect itself. For instance, your body may release endorphins to relieve pain. To protect itself, your body will sometimes tighten up, or if you are not moving a limb and the circulation is being cut off, that limb might go into spasm. Let us use spasm as an example; having a limb in spasm can be very painful, but could there be a way for us to calm our own muscles using brain power? The muscles, just like any other part of our body, are made up of cells. And the brain controls those cells, just like all the others. So if we practiced, could it be possible for us to consciously force our cells in our limbs to relax and feel better? In other words, is it possible for us to heal ourselves, with nothing but our intentions and willpower?


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