Healing Holistically

Posted on March 30, 2015 at 9:30 PM

  In America, most people depend on medicine for all or most of their health issues. If someone is in pain, instead of finding out why, they just take ibuprofen or some other painkiller. For instance, if someone gets a headache they usually take Tylenol, but they do not stop to find the cause of the headache. This means that they are just treating symptoms not the causes. If the reason for a person’s headache was dehydration, they would just take pills instead of drinking water, which might lead to more severe dehydration. Taking pills is like telling your body to be quiet instead of listening to it and trying to fix the problem. It is not just average people that mistakenly do this; pediatricians, nurses, and doctors do this as well.

  There is, of course, holistic healing that is the exact opposite of that. Holistic healing is looking at the body as a whole, instead of just the symptoms. Holistic healers study to understand how the body works and what to do for the various problems, how to identify those problems, and many other important skills. The way they work on you is similar to massaging, except that instead of just trying to make you feel good they are working your nerves and muscles to heal your body.

  The reason holistic healing is better than western medicine is because holistic healing is listening to the body, rather than just treating its symptoms. Also, holistic healing is more accurate than western practices. This I know first-hand: A few months ago I had immense pain in my right leg, so bad that I was missing school and using a wheelchair. I went to the emergency room, and after having several different tests and waiting for about six hours they still could not find anything. I went to a holistic healer and he immediately found out that I had a torn ligament under my knee and a pulled hamstring in my right leg. He treated me for two months and I made a full recovery.


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